UTV Application

SBA Website

The SBA website, has loan information available for businesses. The state of Iowa’s businesses are now eligible for assistance. Please click on the “Apply for Assistance” button on the website and then click on “Eligible Disaster Areas” and search “Iowa”.


The Calmar Water Department is warning the public not to flush disposable wipes, which cause major problems when flushed down toilets.  Though many of these products are labeled “flushable” or “septic safe”, they are anything but.

Flag Disposal

Flags can be dropped off at the Calmar City Clerk’s office for disposal. They will be then be given to Randy Poshusta of the American Legion to be disposed of properly.

Next Council Meeting

Next regular Calmar City Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 7, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. at the Calmar Fire Station.

Credit/Debit Card Payments

We are now able to accept debit/credit card payments. There is a small fee to the user. There is a link above titled PAY NOW. Payments can also be accepted at the clerk’s office. If there are questions, please call Michele or Sheila at (563) 562-3154.