Building Permits

Building permits are required for construction within the Calmar city limits. This includes, but is not limited to: new construction, additions, remodeling, garages, ground mounted solar system, decks, fences and utility buildings of any kind (with or without a foundation). Permits are also required for sidewalk alterations or construction (No charge for sidewalks unless a variance is required).

Building permits are obtained from the clerk’s office or you can print the form below.  A form is required to be completed stating what is going to be done and a site drawing showing the distances to the property lines.

Building permit fee area as follows:

  • New Homes or Ground Mounted Solar System $100.00
  • Additions or Detached Garage $ 50.00
  • Misc. $15.00 (decks, utility buildings (not permanent), fences, concrete-patios, driveways)
  • New Commercial $ 150.00
  • Commercial Additions $ 50.00
  • Industrial $ 100.00
  • Signs $15.00

A variance is required when building outside the allowed setbacks. The fee for a zoning variance is $80.00.