Swim Lessons

Classes are limited and filled on a first come first served basis. All sessions are $40 and consist of 8 weekdays.

Information to Parents

  1. Preregistration: Read through the course/level descriptions to determine which level of swimming your child should be placed. In addition to the skills listed, all levels will include age appropriate water safety topics and an exit assessment for the level taken.
  2. Limited Enrollment: Class enrollment is strictly regulated in order to provide a low teacher-student ratio. Once a class is filled, no one else will be allowed to register for it, so indicate alternate choices when registering.
  3. Waiting Lists: Those wishing to be enrolled in a filled class may be placed on the waiting list at no cost. This does not guarantee a spot. If an opening occurs, the first person on the list will be called.
  4. First day of class: The first day of class will be for getting the children grouped according to ability into small classes. This may take some time, so parents need to be understanding and patient.
  5. Attire: All participants must wear regulation swimming suits. Cut-offs are not allowed. If not yet toilet trained, a swim diaper must be worn.
  6. Observation Areas: Parents are asked to stay outside the fence as to avoid distraction and confusion during classes.
  7. Problems or Concerns: Any problems or concerns should be discussed with the pool manager or head guard on duty. The manager or head guard will always be "on deck" to monitor and keep the lessons running smoothly. Arrangements can be made to talk to an instructor if necessary.
  8. Cancellation: Classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment, mechanical breakdown, or inclement weather. We will try to make up as many classes as the schedule allows. Weather cancellations will be broadcast on KDEC, KVIK, and the Calmar Pool facebook page. If in doubt, contact the pool at 563-419-1041 or the pool manager at 563-419-4492.
  9. Early Departure from Class: If your child will be leaving before the session is over, please inform the instructor so they can arrange for you to receive the skill sheet given on the last day.

Information about group lessons:

  1. Fridays will be make up days if needed.
  2. Child to participate must be 5 years old.
  3. If there is a cancellation due to weather, we will post that on Facebook a half hour before the session time. Can always call with questions.
  4. As of now, time slots do not change but due to potential numbers, we may need to combine all session into 1 time slot. Each child will still be taught their signed up level.
  5. A confirmation email with group lessons info will be sent to participants 1 week before the first day.

Lesson Types

Private Swim Lessons
Lessons will consist of five ½ hour long classes (Monday through Friday). Times are determined by the instructor and participant. Cost of private lessons is $65 and must be paid in advance of the start date. Lessons will be geared toward the abilities the participant.

Private lessons are due July 24th, 2022.